Critical Mobilisation

React Instantly, Mobilise Automatically..

New Voice will assist in managing and automating emergency procedures in order to fully secure people, assets and the environment.


When a potentially hazardous event occurs, it is essential to detect the event and to react appropriately with the necessary resources, as quickly as possible. By setting up a critical communication procedure, it is possible to disseminate important information quickly and smoothly among key internal and external decision makers.

New Voice is able to relay security-related events to a centralised platform for onward communication by all means available, in order to evacuate, mobilise and/or react as quickly as possible.

New Voice is able to create real time gateways between people and their environment.


Physical sensors (smoke, temperature…), contact controllers, incoming communication, alarm protocols…


Personal devices, enterprise (PBX) fixed and mobile, paging, SMS, emails, smartphones…


Conferencing, confirmation requests, escalation when no answer, collaboration, offsite calls… .

New Voice has engineered all its solutions to be based in a single software platform MobiCall, which enables all network events to be processed in a centralised manner. With an abundant wealth of technological applications and an independence from constructor brands, the MobiCall communication platform will be fully integrable to unify and automate existing infrastructure, for improved security.