Unified Event Communication

Manage your global systems from a single source.

New Voice unifies communication systems into a centralised point of control.

Stay connected, always

Information sharing within an organisation is a prerequisite for creating a secure environment with close cooperation between all functions and devices. Furthermore sharing must be quick in response, almost instantaneous, able to indicate who is available or not at any moment in time. Sharing should be direct, allowing for mobile options. Sharing should not be limited by existing infrastructure or communication devices, nor should it rely on a single brand or constructor.

The New Voice platform is able to link different means of communication and software resources, in a way that prioritises business requirements, by facilitating a more intuitive and fluid flow of information.

Unifying communication and information systems will lead to an increase the responsiveness of an organisation.

Real-Time Communication

Audio conferencing, with or without recording, instant messaging, presence indicating…

Office Tools Integration

Connect to electronic calendars, contacts databases…

Business Software Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Building Management System (BMS)…

Unified Communication is an enabling innovation by New Voice, that could revolutionise the way an organisation secures and manages resources. Automated event processing and formalised mobilisation procedures in case of emergencies, would logically be an option.