A MobiCall package that suits your needs.

Software or Embedded

MobiCall is distributed in three ways so there is sure to be an adapted solution to suit your specific situation needs. Furthermore, MobiCall caters for Small and Medium Enterprises, multi-site organisations or worldwide firms.


With Compact and Solution licences, MobiCall is adaptable to any size company allowing for future expansion.


MobiCall is able to be perfectly integrated into the virtual environments of large networks and multi-site companies.


MobiBBox allows for a MobiCall solution pre-installed on a Plug&Play hardware box for a faster installation without compromise.

Redundancy and Network

MobiCall is able to be integrated into the most demanding of environments, thanks to its many redundant forms that can be incorporated into any network.

Load Sharing

Two MobiCall servers are able to communicate with each other, with a view to assisting each other by balancing the workload between them.

Partial and total redundancy

MobiCall flexibility allows for choice of interface/contacts that will be redundant, up to “Hot Standby” status.


It’s possible to combine all entity MobiCall’s and their redundant forms, within a unique network.

Evolution and Serenity

As organisations grow, so do the number of events processed increase. The MobiCall platform has been engineered to grow with an organisation if required, which makes it a genuinely secure investment.

Secure Investment

MobiCall guarantees the ability to migrate from one MobiCall license to another as an organisation grows, thus securing the financial and technical investment.

Functional guarantee

MobiCall guarantees retro-compatibility. All features will always be preserved during updates or during extensions of the system.

Experts as a Service

MobiCall Project Management services guarantees support during the complete life cycle of product deployment; from scoping the project to eventual maintenance.