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hopital maison retraite sécurité monitoring


MobiCall is able to manage and coordinate staff in a way that enhances the well-being of patients in hospitals, retirement homes and other healthcare facilities.

sécurité industrie usines centrales workflows


MobiCall is able to enhance management and control of all industrial activities and processes through the various phases of production, routing, storage, people and asset management.

Stack of papers and glasses lying on table desaturated.

Commercial and Public Administration

MobiCall is able to improve the flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency of information flows and communication systems in all office environments to better manage and therefore better secure people and assets.

hotel management gestion sécurité


MobiCall is able to improve personnel effectiveness and organisational reactivity to every client request, thereby improving customer service, potentially positively impacting customer loyalty.

Call Center

MobiCall is able to receive and direct calls to various receptionists dependent upon skill level and availability, improving entity responsiveness and flexibility.

solutions adaptables polyvalence fonctions multisecteur


MobiCall is adopting new functionality and innovation every day, often based on simple requests from our customers or partners.

MobiCall is active in every market and may well already have developed a generic solution to add value to your organisation.

Do you need a specific solution or you’re not sure if MobiCall is able to cater for your needs? Please contact us