Specific solutions for banks, campuses, police stations...

The Challenge

Organisations are facing ever growing pressures, some regulatory, to better secure their personnel and assets from unforeseen or even daily routine risks. Furthermore, they are increasingly expected to better manage extreme or unforeseen events and situations that invariably surprise at the most inconvenient of times. Evacuation, lock-down and emergency plans are expected to be reliable, efficient, with people easily able to collaborate and stay informed.

The MobiCall Solution

MobiCall is both able to automatically and/or manually be configured to respond to any change in situation, at any time. In an emergency situation this may be a sensor triggered automatically, or it may be triggered via a web-interface, an email or a simple phone call.  MobiCall is then able to manage an orderly predetermined procedure or workflow, for evacuation or for an automated lock-down process, or some other procedure as set out by decision makers. MobiCall will assist in ensuring collaboration and/or escalation of notification of the event between key people/decision makers to ensure a planned outcome.


  • Silent alarms
  • Emergency call management
  • Emergency process management
  • Rapid Response Systems
  • Intrusion detection
  • Lock down procedures
  • Call recording
  • Message broadcasting (speakers, end-devices…)
  • Network monitoring (SNMP trap…)

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