Tailored solutions for Healthcare

The Challenge

The healthcare industry is experiencing significant challenges in both Hospital Care and Aged Care in requiring more flexible solutions able to encompass the many different legacy systems in use today. These systems are largely not compatible and some of the challenge is being able to respond to critical Events or Alarms quickly and efficiently with a guaranteed outcome. A significant challenge is not to compromise patients due to poor response times or communication errors.

Another challenge faced by the healthcare industry is to take care of patients during unforeseen evacuations, lock-down situations or other emergencies. During these times, it is important that key people are enabled to remain in command of the situation with the ability to communicate effectively to protect patients. Collaboration could be the difference between a successful outcome or not, potentially being a life and death situation. Today personnel need the ability to move freely and be contactable immediately during any event.

The MobiCall Solution

MobiCall is able to monitor automated alerts or alarms of medical, clinical or other systems and devices, and is able to respond to these alerts in seconds, potentially saving lives as well as revenue. MobiCall is able to coordinate and communicate these events in seconds, all in real time voice.

Unlike many other systems, MobiCall is able to guarantee an outcome to an event. Since MobiCall interacts with third party systems and devices, it is often able to manage these for a better outcome. Full audit reporting is available should an event occur.


  • Anti-wandering devices
  • Electronic Bracelets
  • Intensive care (Capsule…)
  • Nurse call system

Specialised functions

  • Emergency & Evacuation plan automation
  • Home care
  • Intensive care monitoring
  • Intrusion and wandering control
  • Isolated Person assistance
  • Patient and nurse call relays

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