Tailored solutions for Hospitality

The Challenge

The development of customer loyalty is a high priority in the leisure and hospitality industry. A satisfied customer is much more likely be a loyal customer and much more likely to share their experience positively. Customer comfort and safety therefore become a high priority and it becomes imperative to attend to customer needs and demands correctly, and as quickly as possible.

The MobiCall Solution

Since MobiCall is a unified event platform, it is able to centralise all communication of all systems and devices within a system, which leads to better management and monitoring of events occurring within an organisation.

MobiCall is able to detect and centralise signals from sensors, buttons… to business applications PMS, BMS…, and to assign responsibility to key staff, easily ensuring accountability. Information centralisation enables optimisation of resource allocation, which if successful, could reduce post event analysis in case of emergencies                            .

MobiCall will assist in maintaining and optimising network backend work: from technical alarms, to emergency events, to simple requests… helping to keep these out of customer sight.


  • Advanced hotel management system integration (Fidelio…)
  • Advanced Building Management Systems integration

Specialised Functions

  • Task and staff management
  • Access control
  • Specialised evacuation plan (floors, languages…)
  • Property and Building Management System
  • “Wake up” call-center
  • Patrol monitoring

Would you like more information regarding a specific application?

Please contact us and we will assist you with how MobiCall could assist you.