Tailored solutions for Industry

The Challenge

To remain competitive, Industry is continually looking for ways to improve efficiency and minimise loss. New technologies bring new opportunities as well as new challenges, e.g. new connected devices, Industrial IoT… Management of processes and networks is becoming increasingly difficult as complexity expands exponentially and increasing numbers of dysfunctional systems become more challenging to control.

The MobiCall Solution

MobiCall is a unified communication system that will assist in centralising and distributing relevant information to key people, quickly, with full accountability. MobiCall is able to integrate all end-devices, e.g. telecommunications, industrial devices, environmental sensors, business software, technical alarms,… which makes it much easier to monitor and manage important workflows to minimise risk and cost, and to maximise efficiency.

Organisation specific business rules in reaction to any triggered event, may be predetermined, formalised and incorporated into MobiCall in order that key decision makers always remain in control no matter what the event; to mitigate against business or operational risk.


  • Business-specific software (BMS…)
  • Environmental sensors (wind, temperature, humidity…)
  • Fire alarm systems
  • IoT protocols (MQTT…)
  • M2M protocols
  • Open Mobi-XML interface

Specialised functions

  • Access control
  • Business alarm broadcast
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Lone worker protection
  • Task Management System (TMS…)
  • Patrol monitoring

Would you like more information regarding a specific application?

Please contact us and we will assist you with how MobiCall could assist you.